Peter Spann ACA Profile

In July 2003, ACA did a positive profile story on Peter Spann

Watch this first – it’s a great way to start understanding what Peter Spann is all about.

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  1. Eric Christie
    Eric Christie says:

    *sigh memories ,
    out of all the people I have met in “sales” you Peter are the most sincere and genuine person I have ever come across . I bought not 1 but 2 copies of your wealth creation book, and to this day I still have a glance to a page or 3 now and then to get that motivation going. I went to a Melbourne seminar of yours once and thoroughly enjoyed it , it was a bargain, I could easily be one of your biggest ,if not the biggest top ten at least, fan of yours. Your words have had some serious impact on my life and regardless of some downs you have had in recent times I have no doubt you will bounce back bigger and better. Good luck


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