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Peter Spann

Peter Spann

Business Builder

Retail | Tourism & Hospitality | Professional Services | Financial Services | Digital On-Line

Creative Director of Aspiro ” We build market dominating cash flow machines attracting high value clients from automated lead generation, feeding into systemised high performance sales and delivery processes, creating profit and capital value for owners”.


Emotional Direct Response Copywriter | Blog | Books | Novels | Film Scripts


3 Best Selling Books published by Harper Collins

“Wealth Magic: From Broke to Multi-millionaire in Just 7 Years” – translated into seven languages, and was an international best seller

How to Build a $10 Million Property Portfolio in 10 Years

Little Pot of Gold

Soon to be released: Ticket to Freedom


Peter Spann is a passionate presenter on the topics of Business, Investing, and Success Skills

Billion Dollar Sales Machine

Business building education that challenges you to optimise every part of your business for profitability and happiness.

Property Pay Day

Property Investing education that empowers you to build a growing portfolio of quality property assets that produce cash flow and equity.  Free your future.  Peter Spann draws on his 30 years of experience as a property investor and teaches you how to select, add value to a high growth property portfolio that will build you financial freedom.

DIY Shares

Makes share market investing in blue chip and growth shares simple and easy.  Unlock the time tested secrets of the greatest wealth building vehicle on the planet.  Invest for today and the future.  Instant cash flow, long term growth,  and fast liquidity.  Peter Spann teaches you and gives you the tools to research high performing shares, build a quality portfolio and protect it for the long term.

Cash Cow

Generate monthly cash income from blue chip shares.  Reduce risk from investing in the share market.  Build long term growth.  Build in protection for market falls.  Peter Spann teaches you a strategy he became renowned for – The Buy Write (or as he prefers to call it – the Cash Cow).  It combines Blue Chip Shares and Options to generate premium (income or yield) that can be used as monthly income, growth building or protection buffering for your share portfolio.  Boost your yield, lower your risks.

Ticket to Freedom

In his signature event Peter Spann shares with you the mindset that will propel you to prosperity, give you the confidence you need to be a success and shift you to new levels faster than you may believe possible.

The Travel Guru

30 years experience in business:

  • Marketing – Award winning copywriter – Australia’s Number One ringing Yellow Pages ad
  • Financial Services (BRW’s 41st fastest growing company in Australia – 2008, Telstra Business Awards Finalist)
  • Real Estate and Property development
  • Retail (Australia’s fastest growing Pharmacy chain)
  • Tourism and Hospitality (Trip Adviser’s Number One Ranked Property in the South Pacific for 3 years running, Steve Irwin Eco Tourism Award Hall of Fame winner)
  • Venture capital – raised funds for an floated 3 public companies


He has had the privilege to serve on the boards and advised a number of private and public entities.

He is listed in ‘Who’s Who’ Queensland Edition, and his charity, Fox Smile helps underprivileged children with health and education.

He is well known for his inspirational seminars and films on life success, business, wealth creation and personal development. His goal is to help people reach their full potential.

His personal interests include travel, boating, aviation, fine art, writing, and film.

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Filmed in 2003 this ACA interview will show you a little of my back story.  

“Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die today”

– James Dean

They call me the “dream-maker”, because my life is all about making dreams come true…

My dreams of course, but also the dreams of my friends, my loved ones and my clients.

I believe…

Success = Happiness

Capital = Wealth

Cash Flow = Lifestyle

Dreams = Future Memories

I love – helping people discover and live their dreams, making my friends happy, throwing the perfect party, discovery, people who smile, random hugs, being spirited away to fabulous worlds by movies and theatre, the wind in my hair and the spray of salt water in boats, writing, art, finding a piece that goes just perfectly in the corner and people who call colours funny names!

I can’t sit still for longer than 2 seconds and always have to be doing something.

Travel is part of my DNA – I’m always just back from somewhere or just about to go somewhere and if I’m at home I’m planning my next trip.  My friends always check my FB status before calling.

Unabashedly Rags to Riches

Entrepreneurship was in my blood.  I started my first business at thirteen but after a few false starts I was broke and working as a check out chick.  Then I found my feet in Marketing and for a while was the highest paid Copywriter in Australia.

In 1989 I started investing, and by 1996 I was a “multi-millionaire” (my assets exceeded my debt by over $3 million).  I tell my story in my 700,000+ selling book “Wealth Magic – From Broke to Multi-Millionaire in just 7 Years”.

Almost by accident I started teaching others how to be successful when I improvised a wealth creation seminar when a speaker didn’t turn up at an event I was booked to talk on marketing.

Over the next fifteen years I spoke to in excess of 250,000 people to teach them my philosophy of wealth creation helping many people along the way become millionaires themselves, and set their families up for life.

Business Success

I built successful businesses in Pharmacy, Financial Services (BRW’s 41st fastest private growing company in Australia – 2008), and Tourism (Trip Adviser’s No. 1 ranking Resort in the South Pacific for 3 years running).  At the peak I had over 110 staff, managed around $1.7 Billion in clients’ funds, and enjoyed all the trappings of success.

I bought my first Ferrari at the age of 25. I tell you this because for 15 years every seminar we did, every ad we ran, featured me standing next to one – I was so synonymous with the car people used to bring me models as gifts and drive them into my seminar venues – it was a hoot.  I’ve owned 14 of them over the years and genuinely believe they are the closet things to being alive that an inanimate object can be – I’m a massive fan.

What I like to do is make complex strategy (like business process and investing) simple to understand and easy to achieve and I’ve a particular interest in the exciting possibilities of emerging markets.

I am constantly bumping into people who tell me their success stories and I am proud and honoured that they attribute at least part of that success to me.

And of course I’ve met some pretty cool people along the way, including some of my personal heroes.

I believe in benevolence – I think it’s beholden upon we who have been given so much to give back.  My Charity Foundation Fox Smile specializes in Children’s Charities – all donations are tax deductible and we invest the funds in my Cash Cow strategy then donate 50% of the income every year.

I’ve seen some ups and I’ve seen some downs – the GFC hit me and some of my clients hard, but those who stuck with the strategy (many didn’t) are now back on track and it’s great to see the turnarounds.  I sold all my businesses, repaid my bank and walked away licking my wounds.

But the key to life is not how many times you get knocked over but how many times you get back up.   And now I’m coming back stronger than ever!


I’m all about creating “magic moments” – those things that you remember for a life time, those pinch yourself seconds where you think “is this real?” and I take it as my mission to help people create magic in their lives too.

Making dreams come true!

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